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shigesuki's Journal

Shigesuki - Katō Shigeaki's jweb, essays, articles
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Everything Shige!
Hello and welcome to this Shige-centric community! :) We hope this community will develop into a place where we can share all kinds of material related to our beloved rockstar. Shige's jweb will be posted here in translation as well as his monthly essays in the magazine Myojo, but we also hope all members will contribute translations, pictures, info or whatever they'd like to share, as long as it's about Shige. If you are searching for something specific, use the community's tags!

No reposting!!
That's the most important rule of all. :) If you would like to repost a translation, ask the translator first. Accept if s/he does not want his/her stuff posted anywhere else. As for the jweb - no permission will be granted to post jweb translations anywhere else, so there's no need to ask. Apart from that, we hope you stick to the common rules of netiquette - no bashing, no insulting of other members. Keep posts to the community related to Shige. No icon posts unless they feature Shige exclusively. Use the provided tags if you post anything to make it easier to find for other members. Any content not within the intended purpose of this community will be deleted without further notice.
Feel free to contact the maintainers of the community if you have any questions or suggestions! :)

Katō Shigeaki - biographic data

Shige was born on July 11th, 1987 in the Hiroshima prefecture. Since his parents moved a lot during his childhood and he's basically lived in every prefecture of Japan, he has a hard time stating where he comes from. For his official profile he picked Osaka as his hometown. Since he spent most of his childhood in the Kansai area, he also can speak the dialect, but he doesn't use it all that often, though he tends to slip into kansaiben when he's having an argument with someone.

He entered Johnny's Junior in 1999, passing an audition that was held during the TV show "8ji da J". In his Junior times, he was part of the groups Best Beat Boys (B.B.B.), Boys Be Ambitious (B.B.A.) , Best Beat Dancing (B.B.D.), Beautiful American Dream (B.A.D.), J-support (for the KinKi Kids), K.K.Kity (together with Kusano and Koyama), before finally becoming a member of NEWS.

He was chosen as a member of NEWS on September 15th, 2003, and attended the press conference for the official group debut announcement in the New Takanawa Prince Hotel. On November 7th (which is the date opposite of his birthday - 07.11./11.07), NEWS had their CD debut with the image song "NEWS Nippon" for the Volleyball World Cup 2003, available only in the convenience stores 7-11. The song "Kibō ~ Yell" is regarded as NEWS' major debut, it was the image song of the volleyball preliminaries for the Olympics in Athens and went on sale on May 12th, 2004.

About Shige

* Height: 175cm
* Weight: 62kg (according to the Popolo from April 2007)
* Nickname: Shige
* Left-handed
* School life: Aoyama Gakuin middle school, high school, at the moment he studies law at Aoyama Gakuin University.
* Pet: a miniature dachshund called "Nana" which he received from Kis-My-Ft.2's Yokoo Wataru.
* His eyesight isn't that good, but he usually wears contact lenses.
* When the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck on January 17th, 1995, he was in his first year of elementary school and vividly remembers the quake and the destruction it caused.
* In NEWS, the members he gets along with best are Koyama Keiichirō and (former member) Kusano Hironori. He and Koyama call each other best friends.
* Inside NEWS, he's the one who gets bullied for fun the most, as can be most clearly seen in the footage of the Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD.
* Both he and Tegoshi are "hayakuchi", meaning they can talk really fast.
* When he gets angry, he often falls back into his native Kansai dialect, whereas he usually speaks Standard Japanese.
* To improve his acting, he watches a lot of movies on DVD. He prefers Japanese over Western movies.
* He can play guitar and has composed several songs for NEWS and also as solos.
* He also has a bit of an interest in rapping, but can only do it a little.
* He isn't that good at sports, but he can do monocycling and basketball.
* He is greatly valued for his writing skills.
* He's blood type A.



* Kowai Nichiyōbi "Tomodachi no J-kun" (August 08th, 1999, NTV)
* Space Angel 2001 2001 yen uchū no tabi" (April - June, 2000,, NTV, in the role of Masaru)
* Kowai Nichiyōbi ~2000~ "Tsurisagaru" (October 22nd, 2000, NTV)
* Shijō saiaku no date "The 1st Date:shijō saiaku no first date!?" (December 3rd, 2000, NTV, in the role of Ikeda Shingo)
* Shōnen wa tori ni natta (April 1st, 2001, TBS)
* 3nen Bgumi Kinpachi-sensei series 6 (September 2001 - March 2002, TBS, in the role of Hasegawa Ken (HaseKen))
* Home Dorama! (June 11th, 2004, TBS, in the role of Inaba)
* Gekidan Engimono "Ie ga tooi" (September - November 2005, Fuji TV, in the role of Kojima)
* Busu no hitomi ni koi shiteru (April - June 2006, Fuji TV, in the role of Shimizu Kōta)
* Gekidan Engimono "Car radio ga owareba" ( August 8th - 21st, 2006, Fuji TV, in the role of Ueno)
* Kakure karakuri (September 13th, 2006, TBS, in the role of Abe Tomonari)
* Papa to musume no nanokakan (July - August, 2007, TBS, in the role of ōsugi Kenta)
* Sugata Sanshirô (December 6th, 2007, TV Tokyo, in the role of Sugata Sanshirô)
* Hokaben (April - June 2008, NTV, in the role of Katase Riichirô)

Variety shows

* Ya-Ya-yah (January 5th, 2003 - October 27th, 2007, TV Tokyo)
* The Shōnen Club (NHK - BS2)
* Hadaka no Shōnen (TV Asahi)


* Shiget together (FM-Fuji, April 2005 - March 30th, 2008)


* Wagahai wa Shige dearu (Johnny's Web, December 2005 - January 2006)
* Kaettekita Wagahai wa Shige dearu (Johnny's Web, April - June 2006)
* Wagahai wa Shige dearu returns (Johnny's Web, September 29th, 2006 - January 11th, 2007)
* Wagahai wa Shige dearu - Sekai no kuni karakonnichiwa (Johnny's Web, June 26th, 2007 - )
* Katō Shigeaki's development essays "Aoi hitorigoto" (Myojo, July 2006 - )
* "Photoshigenic" (Wink Up, December 2007 - )

Original songs


1. Survival (2005)
2. Happy Music (2006)
3. Kakao (2007)
4. Chirarizumu (duet with Koyama Keiichirō) (2007)

Lyrics / Music he wrote

1. Over (music) (2004)
2. Gomibako (music, lyrics by Tegoshi Yūya) (2005)
3. Just do it! (music & lyrics) (2005)
4. Happy music (music & lyrics) (2006)
5. Road (music, lyrics by Yamashita Tomohisa) (2006)
6. Kakao (music & lyrics) (2007)

(Source: Wikipedia)

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