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NEWS Facebook Group

Hi All

I've created a Facebook Private Group for NEWS fans as I wasn't able to find one initially.
It's called NEWS Yonin (NEWS 4p). (I've put up 3 questions in order to avoid spammers from joining.)
It's not a FB page as the new algorithm doesn't pop up on our feed unless we have lots of interactions with it.
With a FB Group , We can get a notification once someone has posted something.

I've gotten the blessing from the mods at news_jpop 4newsfans koyashigedake koyama_daily

The FB Group would be centered around 4 pax News and if there are any interesting articles about Japan.(e.g. 10 best spots for Hanami/offers/travel tips etc )
Negative controversial topics/gossips will not be posted and will be removed.

The aim is to reach out to more NEWS fans that are on FB more than LJ, seeing that HSJ, Arashi, SMAP etc other groups are so active there.

  • Will mainly be linking back to LJ posts from news_jpop/4newsfans + the other news member individual pages.

  • Members will be allowed to post their own links, will not only be posted by the mod/owner.

  • No hyperlinking of the downloads directly -- plus I believe it's against FB policy and gets the page shut down quicker.. which we all don't want.

  • Create meet ups/events

for LJ posts, please share the URL so that we can maintain the f-lock on the posts.

The idea sprung when I previously posted about a possible meet up in 2018, should there be anniversary con.
Obviously, nothing is confirmed and I do not want to get anybody hopes up, neither do I want to intentionally offend anyone.


Most Popular Young Actor of 2007

Shige is currently 4th with 207 votes for 'Most Popular Young Actor of 2007'!!

Even though it's highly unlikely he can reach top 3 =\ please cast your vote here so that he'll know he has loads of fans cheering him on! The fact that he beat Oguri Shun says something after all! =D

  • Make your selection (One per IP address).
  • Scroll down and click the button on the left.
  • In the next page you have to give some information:
  • 性別 -> If you're a girl, choose the third option.
    If you don't want to give that information, press the first one
  • 年齢 -> Specify your age
  • コメント -> A little comment why you choose the actor (you can leave this empty, not that you would want to.)
  • Click the left button below and voila! Finished!

    Couldn't find a closing date so vote from as many places as you can! =D

    Erm...not sure if I tagged this correctly @_@

    [edit the next day] As l_rocker has mentioned, MatsuJun has overtaken Shige who has dropped to 5th rank! D: Please check that you are voting for Shige whose name is written as "加藤成亮" and his drama is written as "パパとムスメの7日間" and not for MatsuJun mistakenly... =\
  • alexiel ♣ devious kind of girl

    Wagahai wa Shige de Aru Returns (2006.12.17)

    Due to a request and a great deal of personal interest, I dug back at the forums and found the post!

    They appear to receive their translations from N.B.J. and are translated into Chinese by Maruko. I was going to wait for permission, but since it isn't forthcoming, and the N.B.J. site is really hard to navigate, I'm going to lock this entry and delete it if they give me the thumbs down. Conversely, I'll unlock it if they give me the thumbs up. This seems the best plan of action for now. Everyone will at least know what he said. XD

    ETA: Yay! The mod who runs nbj_jweb has kindly given me the green light.

    Keep in mind that this has been translated from Japanese to Chinese to English, and given that I neither have the original post nor do I actually understand Japanese, I can't vouch for complete accuracy. x.x

    That said... Collapse )
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    Results & LAYOUT~!!

    Thank you to all those who voted for the layouts!
    Yes, we have the winner *sees banner* v(^_^)v
    Hope this layout is ok...I tired to keep it as simple as possible coz simple is best! ^^
    Ooh~ *points to separator* XDD

    Here's to show you how I had compiled the votes:

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    The total for Banner 2 is 27...gomen (^^;)
    The votes are pretty close ne~
    So congrats to the rest too! Most probably I will be using the other banners as well..but for now, let us get use to this one first k!

    Anyway..the one who created this lovely banner is ladylenne
    *nudges ladylenne* Can you email me your full address?

    Email to:

    Thank you once again to those who have contributed & those who have voted!
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    Hontouni Gomenasai for the long wait *bows*

    I know this is supposed to be due like months ago.. Therefore Im really really sorry for both of us mods, became super busy that it kinda 'corrupted' our schedule o(>_<)O
    If you guys are in our flist, you will know what kept us busy ne~

    Here are the 5 banners that will be used should it get the most votes from you!
    I know some of the dimensions are different, but dont mind them ok...just focus on the 'look & feel' of the banner itself for now ^^

    VOTES CLOSED! Thank you for participating!

    Collapse )
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    5 Ways Shige Can Get Koyama to Shut Up

    Hello all~ I've returned with another fic.  

    Title: 5 Ways Shige can get Koyama to shut up
    Fandom: NewS
    Pairing: KoyaShige
    Summary: What the title says, yo~ :D
    Author’s Note: *fails* I wrote another one, because this prompt started writing itself in my head and then my fingers betrayed my brain and I typed it all up and here it is. Again, for the SHIGE-THON. I quite like how this turned out, so I hope you all enjoy it too! :D

    You can read the fic HERE.
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    5 Times Shige was Trapped in an Elevator

    Hiya minna~ I'm back with another fic for the Shige-thon.   Hope you all enjoy!

    Title: 5 times Shige was trapped in an elevator
    Fandom: NewS
    Pairing(s): KoyaShige, RyoShige, KoyaShigeRyo
    Rating: PG-15 I guess
    Summary: What the title says
    Author’s Note: The SHIGE-THON has taken over my soul. D:  But that’s okay. I’m not sure if I really liked how this turned out, but I decided I’d share it anyway… And somehow I wrote RyoShige, when I really don’t like that pairing much. But oh well. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it. ^-^

    You can read the fic HERE.  Enjoy!
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    5 Times NewS was horribly Inappropriate in front of Shige + the one time he didn't mind too much

    Hello everyone.  This is my first post here, and I'm sharing a fic I've written.  It's my first ever JE fic, so I hope you all like it. ^-^ 

     5 times NewS was horribly inappropriate in front of Shige + the 1 time he didn’t mind too much.
    Fandom: NewS
    Pairing(s): Uhh, RyoPi, RyoTegoPi, KoyaShige, TegoMass, KoyaTego, RyoTego, a hint of RyoPin and a couple more that’d take to look to list. ^^;
    Rating: Um. PG-15 maybe? :)
    Summary: What the title says. :)
    Author’s Note: This is for the SHIGE-THON. And, this is also my very first JE fic ever, so sorry for complete lameness. I’d actually told myself I wouldn’t write any fics involving real life people, but this prompt amused me too much to let it go. So, here we are. Anyway, enjoy, please comment, and be nice! 

    The fic can be found HERE.  Enjoy! ^-^
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